A determined software manager, leader, and developer, with a focus on web applications, marketing site development, business strategy, and team leadership.

Peter offers a unique skillset with experience maintaining the largest CSS grid for PostCSS, developing large-scale web applications, and jump-starting software teams to perform beyond expectations.

Current Projects

XPO Logistics - LTL Division

  • Manager of External LTL Tools and interal Angular UI frameworks


Past Projects

Veelo, Inc



  • Frontend and Backend developer for sites and applications
  • Contract and Small Business development
  • Website: visualpeople.com


  • A web app that allowed us Starbucks partners to split our pooled tips faster and with greater accuracy. Instead of taking an hour it only took fifteen minutes. #efficiencywin
  • PHP, MySQL

Corvallis Indoor Park

  • This was so much fun! My first large-scale project where I needed create an entire web app for a group of parents to be able to organize, sign up, schedule, and manage their group.
  • PHP, MySQL

As Seen


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