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How I Fix a Stuck Flow Rate Lever on My Breville Precision Brewer

My Breville Precision Brewer has been a reliable companion for my family’s coffee needs. However, it does have one quirk: on occasion the flow rate lever gets stuck in the up position. I haven’t sorted a specific reason that it does, but when it does it’s a dealbreaker because it blocks me from taking out the brew basket.

I found this post on Reddit about at least I’m not alone.

The Simple Fix

Here’s what I’ve found consistently fixes it when it happens.

  1. Leave the water tank empty after your last brew.

  2. Initiate a Brew Cycle and the machine will alert you to add water, but the magic is that it will also release the lever.

Image of the Breville Precision Brewer's flow-rate lever in the default position.

This simple method circumvents the frustration of manually trying to pry the lever down or forcing the basket out, which could damage the machine.

This solution works in most cases, but it’s not an official fix from Breville. If you’re encountering this problem frequently, it might be a sign to contact Breville support for a more permanent solution.

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