Problems to solve:

  • Maintain power during outages due to weather/other happening more regularly
  • Expandable if we needed to extend the house in case of more frequent outages (OR)
  • Expandable if we get solar panels to store more sun
  • Not locking me into transfer switch or generator inlet
  • Simple installation to start with, just allow us to get house powered when mains are down - able to be complex later if desired

Solution (shopping list)

image of two EcoFlow Delta Pros powering house


  • Due to barely any slack from the initial panel install I chose to move my AC breakers to the bottom of the panel - as I have a 200A service this should not be an issue. This required a splice but since it’s a junction box that’s both safe and in code. Typically I’d prefer my loads like the AC higher on the panel but this shouldn’t be either a safety or logistic issue.
  • Having the Delta Pros charging from the GFCI while also connected to the inlet causes the GFCI to trip (the inlet is not connected when this happens). This occurs regardless of inlet power. I have an email to EcoFlow about this. It’s not an issue, you just have to plug in the batteries to the inlet if you’d want to use them instead of it being just the switches.