LostGrid has a beta! (v8.0.0-beta.0)

This first release has a new more intuitive version of lost-offset that now shifts the content a bit more like you’d feel it should. Negative fractions moves it to the left and positive fractions move it to the right. It feels great to use!

You can read more about lost-offset changes in the issue on GitHub.

How to install

You can get your hands on this release by installing it with NPM using the “beta” tag.

npm install lost@beta

This will install the package with the beta tag. This means you’ll be getting the latest changes before anyone else and you’re primed to give feedback on what you like, bugs you find, etc.

How you can help

If you find issues, have troubles, or have any feedback please reach out!

@LostGrid on Twitter, Gitter or submit and issue.